AutoGlym Lifeshine

Protect your investment using the worlds leading and most trusted Paint & Fabric Protection product, AutoGlym Lifeshine.

LifeShine is a complete vehicle protection system that is professionally applied at the dealership to your car’s paintwork, upholstery and glass.

It offers you peace of mind by protecting your car from the day you take delivery for the lifetime of ownership, guaranteed.

Special care is taken by trained technicians to prepare your car to the highest standards to maintain its appearance and resale value so that your car is delivered to you in pristine condition and is protected for years to come.   


  • Protects paintwork to lock in a deep gloss that's easier to clean
  • Protects fabric and leather upholstery from marks and stains
  • Protects glass to give improved visibility in wet weather
  • Offers peace of mind with a lifetime guarantee for as long as you own the car

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