Warren & Clare Frinton on Sea (April 2015)

After spending weeks looking for the right car, we visited George Kingsley almost by accident after viewing a vehicle just around the corner. Up until that point, each car we'd viewed failed to meet our expectations and each sales person had applied the same hard sell. Not impressed, we walked away from each. A few no-pressure-whatsoever test drives later at George Kingsley and we'd found the right company. High quality cars, high quality staff, it was just a matter of finding the right car. Still undecided we returned there the following day to test drive some more and were greeted with the same level of customer service.


One test drive later and we'd finally decided upon a beautifully maintained, luxury BMW 730LD, an absolute dream car if there ever was one. The right car for me, the right car for my partner, and the right car for the kids. And without doubt the right place to buy from. The bottom line is that the whole experience was effortless from start to finish and the friendly, helpful staff demonstrated that buying a car doesn't have to be a worrying and stressful time - it can be quite the opposite.


I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the team at George Kingsley. We might have only owned the car for two days, but the girls haven't stopped smiling since.


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