Peter - Colchester

I purchased a VW Polo in October 2013. Since then, it has been running very well. I would certainly recommend George Kingsley Vehicle Sales for the following reasons: It was very easy to arrange an appointment. I dealt with James and Peter. The customer service was friendly courteous and above all unhurried with no pressure tactics.  Both were knowledgeable and able to answer technical questions in a way that a layman would understand.  Obviously they are in the business of making money, however, they made time for me and treated me with respect.  The car I bought was in a good condition and the car has run well since purchase.  Flexibility: It was possible to negotiate on price. In addition to this, I was able to negotiate some minor cosmetic repairs which sweetened the deal.  From my experience, the people that I dealt with were honest and trustworthy (Which is crucial when buying a second hand car)


I would certainly recommend George Kingsley.  They are small and independent (I got the impression that they have more riding on old fashioned customer service).  At the same time, I found them to be competitive and reasonable when securing what in the end was a good deal.


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