Mark - Preston (October 2017)

Well, here goes. Never bought a car without seeing it before so was somewhat filled with trepidation.

Talked to Brain and James and sounded my concerns at shelling out a lot of money in this way. Both guys were very helpful and quite quickly put my mind to rest. Arranged for the car to be delivered 4 days later (still unseen) with all sorts of worries buzzing in my head!

Well I need not have worried, the car rolled up driven by James and was stunning, well presented and I can only say better than described and expected. Took the car for a drive and was faultless even after nearly 200 miles to deliver.

Very easy transfer of funds to their bank and a quick drive to drop James back at the train station and worries over. Been nearly 3 weeks now and the car continues to impress after over a 1000 miles driven.

I can and do speak as I find and this was without a doubt the easiest and best car buying experience I have undertaken, no hassal, no long drives and our perfect car delivered to the door (Up North, as they would say).

I would without a doubt say give it a go, these guys delivered the goods for me and I am not easily pleased but would do it again. Many thanks for making me a happy chap. Cheers, Mark