Chris - East London (April 2017)

I recently purchased a Ford Mondeo Titanium X estate from James at GK. What an experience, I arrived early on a Sunday morning, I was the only customer there so I thought I would get the full car dealer hard sell approach.

Nothing could be further from the truth. After acknowledging that I was there James left me to give the car a full look over for about 20 minutes.

He then came out and handed me the keys and told me to take it out for a test drive, on my own !

When I came back we did a deal for the car and I bought it. James kindly let me leave my own car in his car park for a couple of days before I could get back to pick it up ( he didn't charge me)

We then had along chat about everything from cars to West Ham, he even gave me some tips on buying cars from the auctions.

To some it up it was a great car buying experience, James let the car sell it self, no hard sell, no spiel, no rubbish I would defiantly buy from GK again.