Alan - Swansea (June 2017)

I had scoured the country looking for a specific make, model & spec.

Having been built up by the many dealers I spoke to over the phone I found myself to be disappointed time and time again when I travelled great distances to see the car of my desire.

Why do dealers do that? Wastes my time and theirs and only leads me to tell people not to bother with them.

Enter Brian & James who destiny put me in touch with when I was just about to do deal on another car - their ad popped up on the Autotrader App and the vehicle spec was perfect.

A couple of conversations (note the word - no sales tactics going on here) over the phone with Brian and I was confident enough to travel from West Wales to see it and shake his hand on the deal.

He even let me take the car out on my own to test it - something I really appreciated.

Very professional outfit, genuinely genuine and nice guys to boot!

I'll be calling you first when I'm next in the market for another vehicle - I know I'm not going to have my time wasted,

I'm going to get a quality vehicle and I'm not going to pay over the odds for it.